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Pure Mathematics

AlgebraIf you are interested in pure mathematics, you can tailor the program and the classes you take to your interests, even if your interests are as varied as accounting, economics, pure math, or engineering.

A math degree is very valuable. On the American Mathematics Society's website you can see several practical areas and jobs along with the mathematical training that is necessary to do them. We encourage you to obtain a degree in mathematics at UNO so that you can participate in this exciting and useful field.

In all of our programs, our faculty strives for excellence in teaching and research. Our first priority is to provide a quality learning experience for our students.

Classes Offered

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Math 3721 - Discrete Mathematics: This course is a stepping stone to the higher level pure math classes. In it, you will learn to think and reason logically and how to write rigorous mathematics arguments. You have probably heard that a number is divisible by 3 if and only if the sums of its digits is divisible by 3.  In this class, you will actually prove this property and understand why it is true.

Math 3512 - Abstract Algebra: In this class, you work very rigorously to understand the structure underlying modern algebra.  In it, you cover symmetry groups of objects (useful in chemistry, as molecular symmetry determines many underlying properties), permutation groups (why do 8 perfect shuffles restore a deck of cards to its original state?), and other miscellaneous topics.

Math 4511 - Linear Algebra: The simplest way to approximate things is often with lines and planes. Many fields (computer science when it does graphics, engineering fields when you are modeling a process, economics when you are trying to measure a trend) needs linear algebra and matrices. This is the second course in linear algebra, which follows up on the work in Math 3511.

Math 4101 - Advanced Calculus: This course will help you really understand what you were doing in your earlier calculus courses.  This will help you gain greater theoretical understanding, and also help you so that you can apply calculus more appropriately to varied problems.