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Professor Linxiong Li
Graduate Coordinator 
Phone: 504-280-6254
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The mathematics department offers a wide variety of courses in the areas of actuarial mathematics, industrial and applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics. The math department has access to several computer labs, all of which include the latest software for pure and applied settings.

    • Master of Science in Mathematics (M.S.)
      The program is designed to provide a sound preparation for continued study toward a Ph.D. degree as well as prepare students for careers in business, government, industry, and teaching.

    • Engineering and Applied Sciences (Ph.D.)
      Advanced students may work towards the Doctoral Degree, which is offered by the department under Engineering and Applied Sciences. For further information, interested students should first contact the department chair, and then a faculty member who specializes in their field of interest.

Financial Aid for Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The Graduate Advisory Committee will review all teaching assistant applications and make recommendations to the Chair of the department. Teaching assistants in the MS program are expected to graduate within two years. Generally, the teaching assistantship terminates by the end of the second year (four regular semesters) as TA.