Sedimentary Geology

Dr. M Royhan Gani

Sedimentary geology studies at UNO are conducted by the StrataMax Lab, spearheaded by our resident sedimentologist/stratigrapher Dr. M Royhan Gani. His research interests include studies of source-to-sink; facies analysis and depositional environments; sequence and seismic stratigraphy; ichnology; hydrocarbon reservoir analogs in outcrops; integration of well logs, 2D/3D seismic, and cores; ground penetrating radar (GPR); paleoclimatology; basin analysis; tectonic sedimentology; and diagenesis. 

Currents research projects include (1) Book Cliff: sequence stratigraphy and reservoir analog (funded by PRF, Chevron, and Exxon), (2) Ethiopian Plateau (funded by NSF and Board of Regent), and (3) Nepal Himalayas. Notable past research projects include (4) Uinta Basin: Green River Formation (was funded by DOE), (5) Gondwana rifting: east coast of India (was funded by Reliance), and (6) North Slope Alaska: deepwater Torok Formation (was funded by Repsol-YPF).

For more information on sedimentary geology at UNO and the Stratamax Lab, please visit the lab's webpage using the link in the top-right portion of this page.