Mineralogy, Petrology, and Pegmatology Research Group

Dr. William (Skip) Simmons

MP2 stands for Mineralogy, Pegmatology, and Petrology. Headquartered at the University of New Orleans, our Research Group is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and research in the classical fields of Mineralogy and Petrology. Our principal specialization and research effort is in Pegmatology - the investigation of pegmatites, their mineralogy, paragenesis and mechanisms of formation. The Research Staff of the MP2 Research Group consists of full time research personnel, graduate students, associates at other educational institutions, and a network of miners from around the world. Research in pegmatology is conducted in the field at locations around the world and mineralogical analyses are performed in our laboratories at the UNO Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

MP2 Pegmatology Research Group:

Dr. William "Skip" Simmons, Director - Professor of Mineralogy & University Research Professor

Dr. Karen L. Webber, Associate Director - Adjunct Assistant Professor & Petrologist

Alexander Falster, M.S., Research Associate - Microbeam Analytical & Technical Manager

James Nizamoff, M.S., Research Associate - Specialist in Phosphate Mineralogy

Frank C. Perham, B.S. , Research Associate - Field Work, Historian & Pegmatite Miner

Raymond A. Sprague, Research Associate - Field Work, Pegmatite Miner & WebMaster

Robert Whitmore, Research Associate - Palermo Pegmatite Owner and Miner

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