High School Personnel Information

What kind of program is this?

Students at Pocket BasinThis is a program to interest minority students in pursuing earth sciences as a field of study and a career. This is the oldest and most successful program of its kind in the United States. The program's history and mission can be found on this site.As teachers and counselors this program can help encourage promising students to reach their potential.

Students will submit the Student Application Form and an essay. Teachers and/or counselors will print and fill out the Parental Consent/High School Counselor/Teacher Form and include a letter of recommendation to be submitted to Dinah Maygarden.

What kind of students are we looking for?

• Students with a desire to learn, study and work hard.
• Students with a keen interest in science and the world around them. An interest in earth science is a plus.
• Academic excellence is one measure of a student's interest. But beyond academics we are looking for students with a natural curiosity about the earth and the environment around them. A student who likes to study how things work and why.
• Students who work well with others, who thrive in teamwork situations.
• Students who are open to new ideas and experiences. If you need more info on the program contact us.

Student Opportunities

Students holding nosesThe UNO Minority Awareness Program in Geoscience provides several opportunities to participating students:

• The chance to study and be introduced to geoscience in the field in classic geologic settings. This year we plan to include State and National Parks in southern Utah.
• The opportunity to study and become friends with other talented students from Louisiana. You have the chance to learn and exchange ideas with other students and work in team situations. In the past, previous students have become lifelong friends and colleagues.
• The opportunity for one-on-one interaction with professor, teachers and industry professionals. These interactions can help you decide what you might like to pursue as a career when you enter college.
• Scholarships and other forms of assistance may be available for qualifying students who wish to pursue studies in the earth sciences at UNO
• A chance for a couple weeks of new experiences you will remember a lifetime