Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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EES Tutoring by Distance

With a new workstation and webcam/mic hardware, we've launched a Skype account to be more available to our students.
Add us at "unoeestutor" and let us answer your questions remotely during staffed hours.  

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New Orleans is the capital city of America's Coastal Heartland and UNO-EES will provide the next generation of geoscience stewards for Louisiana's coast and natural resources.

About our Department

Geology & Psychology Building

Welcome to the webpage for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New Orleans! Our department is committed to serving UNO students who are interested in developing a deep understanding of the Earth, and her processes, materials, landforms, history, and even inhabitants. We offer baccalaureate degrees in 'Geosciences' and 'Environmental and Coastal Science', a masters degree in 'Earth and Environmental Sciences', and a Ph.D. in 'Engineering and Applied Science'.

Our department also hosts several laboratories engaged in cutting-edge research in 'mineralogy, petrology, and pegmatology', 'geophysics', 'coastal oceanography', 'coastal and riverine sediment transport', 'stratigraphy', 'coastal restoration', 'coastal geomorphology', 'aquatic ecology', and 'vertebrate paleontology'.