Graduate Program

Computer Science Graduate Discusses Industry & UNO

The Department of Computer Science at UNO offers both Masters (M.S.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) program options.

Computer Science (M.S.)

The Department of Computer Science offers a program of study leading to the degree of Master of Science. The program is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of two kinds of students: those who have completed an undergraduate degree in computer science and want to further their education, and those practicing professionals who want to acquire specific academic experience relevant to their work.

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Engineering and Applied Science (Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering and Applied Science is an interdisciplinary, integrative degree involving faculty from the College of Engineering and the College of Sciences. The Computer Science Department is a leading participant in this doctoral program with over 23 Computer Science doctoral students currently enrolled in the program.

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Graduate Student Financial Aid

Teaching and research assistantships are available to qualified graduate students on a competitive basis.

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