Computer Science M.S. Degree Requirements

All candidates for the master’s degree must satisfy the following background, breadth, and depth requirements. No course may be counted toward the satisfaction of more than one of these requirements.

  • Background requirement: the equivalent of Computer Sciences 4401 and 4501. Students who have not completed this requirement prior to enrollment are required to do so, for credit, as part of their curricula.
  • Breadth requirement: students must take one 6000-level course that counts toward the degree requirements (three semester hours) in each of three different concentration areas.
  • Depth requirement: students must take three additional courses that count toward the degree requirements (nine semester hours), of which at least two must be at the 6000-level. All courses must belong to the same concentration area. This concentration area must be different from the ones chosen to fulfill the breadth requirement.

All graduate students completing the master's degree must maintain a minimum of B grade in all 5000-level courses, and a minimum 3.0 average in all courses taken to satisfy the degree requirements excluding thesis research.

All graduate assistants are required to participate in the weekly departmental seminar.