Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at the University of New Orleans prepares students for a career in the technology and information industry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the New Orleans area. Read More

Opportunities for Our Students

We maintain strong ties with local and regional companies, who recruit directly from our currently enrolled and graduated student body. Our industry partners are committed to mentoring and interacting directly with students and sharing professional knowledge and experience so that they acquire a strong familiarity with commonly used tools and frameworks. We prepare students for graduate programs and offer a diverse pool of well funded research opportunities and scholarship programs. All of our faculty are engaged in active research in their chosen fields and offer many funded research opportunities to our graduate students to participate in innovative technological projects. Active research also ensures that course material is current and relevant which is crucial for a field that rapidly evolves.

Promoting Student Success

The department is committed to seeing our students succeed.  All computer science students have 24/7 access to our computer labs and the department provides free tutoring via a full-time help desk. We strive to accommodate our students' demanding schedules by offering both daytime and evening classes. We value and foster a strong social presence on campus through the various CS-related student organizations that we support.  These clubs help enable our students to network and become part of the NOLA tech community.

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