Dr. John Wiley
President's Research Professor


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Contact Information

(504) 280-6849


B.S., California State University, Fullerton
M.S., California State University, Fullerton
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Postdoctoral Research, University of California, Los Angeles

Areas of Research 

Inorganic Chemistry
Materials Chemistry 

Research Interests

Research in our group focuses on 3 areas: 1) the development of low temperature ( 500°C) topochemical synthetic strategies for design and construction of nonmolecular materials, 2) the control of nano- and meso-scale topological features utilizing porous templates, and 3) the fabrication and characterization of nanopeapod assemblies.

Our group is part of the Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI), a multidisciplinary materials institute that combines the interests of academic, government, and industrial scientists.


CHEM 3411: Descriptive Inorganic
CHEM 3610: Introduction to Materials Chemistry
CHEM 4410: Physical Inorganic
CHEM 6410: Advanced Physical Inorganic
CHEM 6411: Advanced Descriptive Inorganic
CHEM 6496: Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (Solid State Chemistry)