Dr. Edwin Stevents


UNO Distinguished Professor


Phone: 504-280-6856


B.S. (Honors), Oregon State University, Corvallis
Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Postdoctoral Research, State University of New York, Buffalo

Areas of Research 

Physical Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry

Research Interests

Research in our group focuses on 3 areas: 1) the development of low temperature ( 500°C) topochemical synthetic The focus of our research is on the experimental measurement of the distribution of electrons in solids using high-resolution single-crystal x-ray scattering data collected at cryogenic temperatures. These experiments yield information on the electronic structures of molecules which are comparable in accuracy to the best theoretical calculations possible. Recent results have included studies of natural products and potential drug candidates to explore the relationships between electronic structure and biological activity.


  • CHEM 1008: General Chemistry II Lab
  • CHEM 1017: General Chemistry I Lecture
  • CHEM 4310: Physical Chemistry (Molecular Quantum Mechanics)
  • CHEM 4311: Physical Chemistry (Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics)
  • CHEM 6316: Special Topics in Physical Chemistry (X-ray Crystallography)