The Department of Chemistry hosts guest speakers who give research seminars. Guests typically present their seminars on Fridays. Graduate students also present research or literature seminars, usually on Mondays. All seminars are held in Chemical Sciences Building, Room 103 at 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

Seminar Program: Visiting Speakers 

Date Speaker/Affiliation Seminar Title
01/23/15 Varied speakers on important safety topics Safety Seminar
02/06/15 Prof. Kyriakos Papadopoulos
Tulane University
Uniquely viewed quantifiable phenomena through capillary video microscopy

AMRI Annual Review
*Special Location*
Held in the Lindy Boggs Center
02/20/15 Prof. Ramu Ramachandran
Louisiana Tech University
Density functional theory study of metal oxides and sulfides as lithium ion battery anode materials
02/27/15 Prof. James Batteas
Texas A&M University
Influence of molecular connectivity and nearest neighbor interactions on the charge transport of molecular assemblies on surfaces
02/27/15 InnovateUNO: Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creativity Fair
*Special Location & Time*
Held in the University Center- All day event
03/06/15 Dr. Lee Roy Morgan
Deekk Tec., Inc.
New drugs for the treatment of brain tumors
03/13/15 Poster Competition & Spring BBQ
*Special Location & Time*
Held in Chemistry Department & CSB 101- Begins at noon
03/22/15 -
American Chemical Society Meeting   Conference being held in Denver, CO
03/27/15 Prof. Donghui Zhang
Louisiana State University
A Journey into the world of peptidomimetic polymers: Twist and turns and discovery
04/10/15 Prof. Beth Guiton
University of Kentucky
Investigating nanostructure synthesis using In situ TEM
04/17/15 Prof. Julie Albert
Tulane University
04/24/15 Prof. Zeev Rosenzweig
University of Maryland- Baltimore County
05/01/15 Dr. Rajesh Naik
Air Force Research Laboratory
05/08/15 Undergraduate Research Students
University of New Orleans
CHEM 3094: Undergraduate Research Presentations

Seminar Program: Graduate Student Speakers

Date Speaker/Seminar Type
02/23/15 Jordan Hilton/Literature Seminar
03/02/15 Sarah Gauthier/Literature Seminar
03/16/15 Julie Nguyen/Literature Seminar
03/23/15 Fahad Dhafer Alqarni/Literature Seminar
03/26/15 Mohammed "Dariush" Montasserasadi/Research Seminar
03/30/15 Grayson Pool/Literature Seminar
04/06/15 Ali Alessa/Literature Seminar
04/13/15 Gerald Billac/Literature Seminar
04/27/15 Clare Davis-Wheeler/Literature Seminar