Dr. Steven Rick


University Research Professor


Email: srick@uno.edu
Phone: 504-280-1119


B.S., University of California, Los Angeles
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Postdoctoral Research, Brown University
Postdoctoral Research, Columbia University

Areas of Research 

Physical Chemistry

Research Interests

The research in our group uses theoretical and computational approaches to a variety of chemically interesting systems. Our work involves the development of more efficient computer simulation methods and better models for molecular interactions. We are applying these methods to the study of liquid water, interface, aqueous solutions, proteins, and ion transport through various materials.

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 3310: Principles of Physical Chemistry
  • CHEM 4310: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Spectroscopy
  • CHEM 4311: Physical Chemistry, Advanced Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  • CHEM 6311: Statistical Mechanics
  • CHEM 6513: Physical Biochemistry