Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Program

Summer & Fall 2015 Applications Due 04/22/15 at 11:59pm!

Applications for UTA positions for Summer and Fall are available online. Click here to go to the application.

Questions about the UTA program can be sent to chemistry@uno.edu

The Undergraduate TA program is a program that allows highly

qualified and trained undergraduates to act as teaching assistants in general chemistry and organic chemistry laboratory courses and recitation sections.

Students participating for the first time in the program register for CHEM 3092 (Undergraduate Teaching Apprenticeship). Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, students may run laboratory course sections under the supervision of either a graduate student or faculty member.

All students interested in paid TA positions should see a representative from Student Financial Aid to verify their employment eligibility and adherence with university policies for student employment. Acceptance into the TA program as an apprentice does not guarantee employment in future semesters. Employment will be determined by performance in the apprenticeship as well as eligibility for employment by the University of New Orleans.

Undergraduate TAs are paid for 10 hours/week during the semester during which they act as undergraduate TA. The appointment can be renewed for multiple semesters, providing that the student is enrolled at UNO and has received acceptable evaluations. Enrollment in CHEM 3092 is only required during the first semester when apprenticing. 


Undergraduate TAs in General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry laboratories must have completed the lab they are interested in teaching. (I.e. If interested in teaching CHEM 1007, the only qualification is that you have completed CHEM 1007, even if it was completed in the previous semester). TAs for the labs will be responsible for giving the lab opening lecture, supervising the 3 hour lab, and attending a weekly lab meeting with the graduate students and instructors of the lab.

Undergraduate TAs in General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry recitations must have completed the lecture they are interested in teaching. TAs for recitations will be responsible for leading a recitation using a PLTL (Peer-Led Team Learning) workshop. The recitation will be 2 hours long and will start with a short open question session, followed by a brief explanation of the topic for the day. PTLT is a very well established program that is used at many universities and has proven highly effective at helping students perform at the highest levels. Training will be provided to Undergraduate TAs on how to facilitate a PTLT workshop. 


As a participant in the Undergraduate TA Program students will develop leadership and organizational skills. Participants in the program will stand out when applying for graduate or professional (medical, dental, veterinary) schools since very few applicants will have had experience as a TA at the undergraduate level. Additionally, the program affords students the opportunity to fully master General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry; this is invaluable preparation for taking entrance examinations such as MCAT, DAT, PCAT, etc. 


Attention First Year Students:

If you are a first time freshman, you may be eligible for Undergraduate TA positions as soon as your second semester. If you are highly motivated and interested in this program, you may be able to apprentice in your first semester in preparation for being a TA the following term.