Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Chemistry has long been known as "the central science." In other words it forms an essential foundation for many different scientific and engineering disciplines. To gain a true appreciation of chemistry, all science undergraduates, no matter what their major, are strongly encouraged to participate in undergraduate chemical research. Undergraduate research is a rewarding experience. It is essential for gaining experience of the instrumentation, the techniques, the methodologies, as well as the joys (and occasional frustrations) involved with cutting-edge science. This means it's good for your CV Chemistry department laband helps with those chemistry classes you need to take towards your degree.

As an undergraduate student at UNO you have two options. The first is to take it for credit (CHEM 3094). This is a three-hour course that can be taken twice for credit. Students are expected to put in at least 10-15 hours a week. At the end of the course the student writes up a short summary of their efforts and gives an oral presentation to the group in which they have worked. Alternatively, students can carry out research as a part-time job. The faculty member and students usually agree on a set amount of hours a week that he or she can work in the laboratory (which is a compromise between gaining plenty of experience and not impacting on the student's coursework).

In order to take CHEM 3094, the syllabus and contract needs to be completed.

In order to take CHEM 3096, the syllabus and contract needs to be completed.

If you want to pursue undergraduate research, look at the Faculty Directory Page. Note their research interest and feel free to contact them with any questions.

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