Internship Position Descriptions

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Below are position descriptions for our Fall 2014 internships.

Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories

Potential Projects: Serve as a Chemical Laboratory Intern (2 positions available).

Interns will be trained and expected to perform analytical testing that may include one or more of the following:
a. Wet chemistry including gravimetric and volumetric methods
b. Spectroscopic methods
c. Preparation of samples for Chromatography methods
d. Preparation of sample for ICP methods

Interns will have an exposure to the general concepts of operation of modern ICP-MS, HLPC-MS and GS-MS instrumentation.Students will be trained under direct supervision of qualified analysts, and then permitted (and required) to work independently. Qualified analysts and lab technicians will be directly available to answer any questions or address any concerns of the intern.

  • Required Courses: CHEM 2117 and CHEM 2025 
  • Duration: Semester
  • Hours per week: Flexible by students' schedules, but at 12- 15 hours per week are required
  • Special Notes: Eurofins would like to consider only applicants who are interested in a career in the chemical analysis laboratory. A background check and drug test will be required. This is a paid internship.

New Orleans Crime Lab

Potential Projects: Application based education experience in Drug Chemistry with occasional overview of other forensic disciplines.

  • Required Courses: CHEM 1017/1007, CHEM 1018/1008, CHEM 2217/2017, CHEM 2218/2018 or 3218/3018
  • Preferred Courses: Analytical Chemistry
  • Duration: Semester
  • Hours per week: 6 -9 hours
  • Special Notes: A sincere interest in Forensic Chemistry is a must. A background check and drug test are required during the application process. All applicants will be interviewed for suitability in a lab setting. The Chemistry portion of the internship will require outside reading, extensive note taking, and will test the intern's comprehension of analytical techniques and application of chemistry knowledge to the forensic discipline. 6 hours per week will be in the Chemistry lab with a possible additional 3 hours per week in other disciplines. The hours must be 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

St. Tammany Parish Crime Lab

Potential Projects: Survey of various forensic techniques including but not limited to ballistics, autopsy and various spectroscopy.

  • Required Courses: CHEM 1017/1007, CHEM 1018/1008. Preferred but not required: CHEM 1110, CHEM 2217/2017, CHEM 2218/2018 or 3218/3018, CHEM 3110
  • Duration of Internship: Semester
  • Hours Per Week: 10 hours or more
  • Special Notes: Preference given to St. Tammany Residents. Background and drug testing will be administered. This internship will allow interns to work side by side with forensic scientists in the state of the art forensics lab in St. Tammany parish. Interns will be able to see and perform multiple forensics tests and techniques and may be

afforded the opportunity to observe autopsies performed by the coroner's office. Highly motivated students will benefit most from this internship as they will be able to work at their own pace and observe more techniques.

Thionville Laboratory

Potential Projects: Semester-long internship with rotation through several sections of the laboratory, each with a different focus depending on commodity type: 1) whole grains, grain byproducts, meals, pellets, etc.; 2) vegetable oils, and byproducts such as soap stock and glycerin; 3) molasses and sugars; 4) instrumental analysis and microbiological analysis, which does analysis for all of the above commodity types. Interns will utilize a variety of analytical techniques, ranging from traditional analytical techniques, such as titrations and gravimetric analyses, to more sophisticated instrumental techniques, such as GC, HPLC, ICP, and PCR analyses.

  • Required Courses: CHEM 1017/1007, CHEM 1018/1008, CHEM 2117, CHEM 2025
  • Duration of Internship: Semester
  • Hours Per Week: 10 hours or more
  • Special Notes: Interns should have their own method of transportation to the Thionville facility in Harahan. Internship hours must take place during our normal business hours between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm , Monday through Friday. This is a paid internship. 

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Potential Projects: 2 positions are available, one working with Dr. H.N. Cheng and one working with Dr. Al French. Several of the projects at USDA involve the development of biobased products from agriculturally based raw materials. An example is the cottonseed. Cotton is most often grown to produce cotton fiber, used in textiles and other applications. However, the cottonseed represents a significant part of the profitability of cotton. For example, cottonseed oil and cottonseed protein are two of the major products from cottonseed, and we are looking to improve the process or find new uses for them.

  • Required Courses: CHEM 2218/2018 or 3218/3018 (all all pre-requisites), CHEM 3310
  • Duration: Semester
  • Hours per week: 6 -9 hours
  • Special Notes: Interns should have their own method of transportation to USDA facility in New Orleans (it is not far from UNO's campus). CHEM 3310 is required for USDA internships. The USDA may also require a background check.