Undergraduate Program

Chemistry B.S.

UNO’s chemistry program will test your mettle through a rigorous curriculum that follows the guidelines of the American Chemical Society (ACS). With top-notch faculty and an on-site Chemistry Learning Center, UNO provides you an environment to succeed in your degree. All chemistry majors will get hands-on experience in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, or materials chemistry research as early as your freshman year. You may also have the opportunity to attend a regional or national meeting to present your research. Chemistry majors will also have the opportunity to get paid to work in our department as a lab assistant or tutor, and exceptional students may be offered positions as undergraduate Teaching Assistants. In our program, you may select one of five concentrations, all of which can be individualized to your specific academic and career goals:

  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical physics
  • Forensics
  • Materials
  • Medicinal chemistry

Your degree in chemistry will qualify you for an industrial career, professional school (medical, dental, or pharmacy school), or graduate programs in chemistry. Best of all, UNO’s chemistry B.S. meets all of the certification requirements of the ACS, which will increase your chances of higher pay, greater job selection, and quicker advancement in the industry.

Interested in majoring in chemistry? Here are some tips on what you do to prepare for college chemistry:

  • Take lots of math! If calculus is available, consider taking it. Taking calculus in high school will give you a strong foundation to succeed in college chemistry.
  • Make sure to take chemistry, biology, physics. Taking other science courses your school offers will also help
    you prepare.
Degree Requirements | Courses Offered

Minor in Chemistry

An undergraduate minor in chemistry may be obtained by completing 22 credit hours in chemistry with a grade of C or better in each course. In addition to the required CHEM 1007, 1008, 1017 and 1018, the remaining 14 credit hours shall be at the 2000-level or higher and selected from:
• CHEM 2017, 2025, 2117, 2217, 2310, 3018, 3027, 3110, 3218, 3310, 3411, 3610, 3710, 4110, 4210, 4310, 4311, 4410, 4510 or 4511.
• At least nine hours must be completed at UNO.