Biology Lagniappe

Faculty News

UNO Biologist Awarded $600K Grant to Study Light Harvesting Proteins in Bacteria
UNO Awarded Nearly $1 Million for Central African Conservation Project

Graduate Student News

Tammy Pracheil defended her Ph.D. dissertation (Spring 2013), advised by Dr. Zhengchang Liu.

Christina Kronfel defended her M.S. thesis (Spring 2013), advised by Dr. Wendy Schluchter.

Jenna Hill defended her M.S. thesis (Spring 2013), advised by Dr. Barney Rees.

Christie Sukhdeo ‎ was awarded a National Science Foundation pre-doctoral fellowship.

Undergraduate Student News

Leanora Hernandez presented a poster at the 2012 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in San Jose, California. Her poster was entitled:  "Characterization of the biosynthetic pathway for the fluorescent protein phycoerythrin."