Biology Lagniappe

Faculty News

Tropical Ecology research by Dr. Phil DeVries and collaborators is the cover article of Ecography.

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Dr. Stanley Leibo passed away on March 25 at the age of 77.

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Memorial Fund in Dr. Leibo's name

UNO Biologist Awarded $600K Grant to Study Light Harvesting Proteins in Bacteria.

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UNO Awarded Nearly $1 Million for Central African Conservation Project.

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Graduate Student News

Laura Alexander defended her Ph.D. dissertation (Spring 2014), advised by Dr. DeVries.

Barsha Shrestha defended her M.S. thesis (Spring 2013), advised by Dr. V. Sridhar.

Undergraduate Student News

Another group of undergraduate students joined the NSF-funded URM program. Welcome Idrisa Dunn, Christopher Lewis, Juana Reconco-Ramirez and Carla Serrano.