Program Initiative

As an institution of higher learning, the University of New Orleans' institutional values statement sets forth the University's commitment to:
  • Freedom of thought and expression
  • Excellence in teaching and in the pursuit, generation,
  • Dissemination, and application of knowledge
  • Respect for the dignity of the individual
  • Respect for the environment
  • Honesty, integrity, and truth
  • Diversity
  • Strategic, operational, and service excellence

It is incumbent upon each of us that our conduct, on behalf of the University, reflects our commitment to these institutional values in order to best serve our students, our community and the State of Louisiana at large.

At the University of New Orleans, many different departments and individuals are responsible for compliance functions to ensure that the University's operations are carried out in accordance with Federal and State laws. In fact, each member of the University community should seek to play a vital role in fostering an institutional culture that evidences the University's commitment to ethical conduct and compliance with law.

The University Compliance Officer seeks to assist the University community by strengthening the infrastructure that is in place to support compliance. The institutional compliance program has been designed to be Transparent, Integrated and Proactive (“TIP"):


Serve to promote the mission and vision of UNO

Promote a culture that encourages ethical conduct and commitment to compliance with the law.


Collaborate and act as a liaison to other compliance functions throughout the University.


Identify key risk areas and perform a risk assessment on compliance readiness.

Prioritize implementation of compliance initiatives in areas of higher regulatory risk because of potential impact on health or safety, academic or fiscal integrity.

Provide recommendations, education and training in connection with regulatory compliance gaps.

As the University of New Orleans continues to grow, it is important that the University compliance initiative responds in kind and grows along with it, supporting each of the areas of the University. What we have assembled here is only the beginning of a long-term project that will continue to evolve and expand in the years to come. We all need to join together to create and maintain a healthy University environment. You, as an individual, can contribute by asking questions if you are not sure of a procedure, or raising concerns if you see something that you think just may not be right.

Typically, any inquiry process would begin within your own college or unit, through ordinary supervisory channels (starting with an immediate supervisor, instructor, or adviser). However, we recognize that sometimes, because of the subject matter or associated relationships, concerns may best be raised first through a specialized or central office. For this reason, we have created a directory to help identify personnel responsible for your areas of concern. Remember, by helping to identify problems early, you not only keep them from getting bigger, you also help advance the compliance initiative and solidify its foundation.