International Visitors

The International Visitors procedure is to ensure that the university leadership is informed of international visitors on campus and to facilitate compliance with federal export control laws and regulations.

Procedures for Inviting International Visitors to Campus

Required Approvals

Faculty and staff in the Colleges of Science and Engineering who wish to invite international visitors to the UNO campus must receive the approval of the cognizant University officials, including the Department Chair, Dean, Empowered Official for Export Control (Facility Security Officer at and Academic Affairs, in advance of the proposed visit. Such requests should be submitted at least 60 working days in advance of the planned arrival date.

Definition: An international visitor is anyone who is not a United States citizen. This procedure should be used for visitors who are coming from overseas, or for non-United States citizens who are already in the United States but would like to visit the UNO campus.

Required Documentation / Information

Faculty and staff planning such visits are required to complete the International Visitors to Campus Approval Form

  • The name and department of the UNO faculty/staff member extending the invitation, and the purpose of the visit;
  • Visitor name, company or university, title, and discipline or area of study;
  • Type of visa the visitor will travel on;
  • Date of arrival/departure;
  • Destinations/departments and facilities to be visited (especially science and engineering labs);
  • Plans to provide university housing, office space, support, and services if required; and University-owned equipment and technologies to be visited and technical data to be shared;
  • A copy of the letter of invitation.
  • Foreign Visitor Information Form (to be completed by visitor)

Approval Process

Academic Affairs is ultimately responsible for approving all international visitors to the university and has the authority to deny such requests for good cause.  Academic Affairs will coordinate with the Empowered Official for Export Controls regarding export control management.


For questions regarding the visitor form of this procedure, please email the Facility Security Officer at