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Institutional Biosafety Committee
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The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is charged under Federal Regulations with the oversight of all teaching and research activities involving: Recombinant DNA, Artificial Gene Transfer, Infectious Agents, and Biologically Derived Toxins. This also includes use of biological and hazardous materials at other research sites accessed by University faculty, staff, researchers, and non-university staff researchers under grants and contracts to the University. The IBC is authorized to take all actions that are necessary, including inspection of research facilities, approval of research practices and procedures and the enforcement of cessation of research activities in the event of an unresolved safety hazard. In addition, the IBC is charged with updating the biosafety section of the University Safety Program/Plan and implementing an audit plan. For this reason the IBC consists of administrators, faculty, staff and an outside representative to ensure that proper procedures and precautions are followed.