Conflict of Interest

The Conflict of Interest Committee reviews conflict of interest disclosures submitted to them and renders a judgment as to whether any potential conflict of interest could directly and significantly affect the design, conduct, or reporting of research. If the committee determines that a conflict exists which generates a risk related to research or technology transfer, this committee works with the faculty/staff member to eliminate the risk, if possible. If the risk cannot be eliminated the committee strives to minimize the risk of any actual or potential conflict of interest.

UNO Conflict of Interest Policy & Procedure Manual

Please read the UNO Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure Manual which can be accessed by clicking on the link under the Links section of this page. A COI Investigator Report should be filled out for each investigator with each electronic Routing Form.

UNO COI Investigator Report Form

If any investigator needs to update their form after an award is made, to disclose either a real or apparent conflict of interest, please fill out the UNO COI Investigator Report Form. The form is located under Links on the right side of this page. After completing, sign and send the form to the Director of Research.