Graduation Dress Guidelines

If you choose to graduate in person, you must wear the correct academic regalia. You are responsible for obtaining your own academic regalia from the bookstore- organize your regalia early to ensure availability.

On graduation day, graduates wear the cap, hood and gown appropriate to their degree. Please check the Academic Costume Guide for the correct color for your degree. Students being awarded an undergraduate degree wear gown and cap.

Your graduation ceremony is a formal celebration of your achievement, and graduates are encouraged to dress appropriately. Students are advised and encouraged to wear business casual attire. Jeans, t-shirts, flip flops and shorts are not acceptable and should be avoided. In addition to the correct academic regalia, some graduates choose to wear clothing or garments of honor from their tradition such as a sari, korowai or ta'ovala. This is a welcome enrichment to the color of the graduation ceremonies. The university does not allow students to wear their sorority or fraternity sachets. Honor cords by societies recognized by UNO, are allowed to be worn at the graduation.

Previous graduates also offer the following advice:

  • The temperature in the UNO Arena is reasonably warm, especially when wearing regalia.
  • Men may find it helpful to wear a shirt and tie, as placing the neckband of your hood under your tie helps to hold your hood in place. Ladies may need to pin their hood to their dress or wear something with a button.
  • Graduation day involves a considerable amount of walking and standing, and waiting in your seats, so (for example) very high heels may not be practical.
  • Be sure to choose a hair-style that allows you to wear your cap comfortably
  • You will be videoed and photographed throughout the day, so you might like to look your best!

Academic Costume Guide

Academic Apparel

Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's gown and cap in black with tassel in color indicated below.
Master's Degree Master's gown, hood and cap in black with hood lining in silver with blue chevron and hood trimming and tassel in color indicated below.
Doctor of Philosophy Degree Doctor's gown, hood and cap in black with hood lining in silver with blue chevron.

Academic Colors

Major Color
Accounting Drab
Anthropology White
Arts Administration White
Arts Teaching (MAT) Light Blue
Biological Sciences Golden Yellow
Chemistry Golden Yellow
Civil Engineering Orange
Computer Science Golden Yellow
Communications White
Counselor Education Light Blue
Creative Writing White
Curriculum and Instruction Light Blue
Drama and Communications White
Earth and Environmental Science Golden Yellow
Education Light Blue
Economics Copper
Educational Administration Light Blue
Electrical Engineering Orange
Elementary Education Light Blue
Engineering Orange
Engineering & Applied Sciences Golden Yellow or Orange
Engineering Management Orange
Engineering Science Orange
English White
English Teaching (MAET only) White
Film and Theatre Arts Brown
Finance Drab
Financial Economics Copper
Fine Arts Brown
French White
General Business Administration Drab
General Studies White
Geography White
Geology and Geophysics Golden Yellow
Health Care Management Drab
Human Performance & Health Promotion Sage Green
History White
History Teaching (MAHT only) White
Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration Drab
Interdisciplinary Studies White
International Studies White
Management Drab
Marketing Drab
Mathematics Golden Yellow
Mechanical Engineering Orange
Music Pink
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Orange
Philosophy Dark Blue
Physics and Applied Physics Golden Yellow
Political Science White
Public Administration Peacock Blue
Psychology Golden Yellow
Romance Languages White
Science Teaching (MAST only) Golden Yellow
Secondary Education Light Blue
Sociology White
Spanish White
Special Education Light Blue
Urban and Regional Planning Blue - Violet
Urban Studies Blue - Violet