Bike and Pedestrian

Evaluation of Complete Streets Policy Implementation by Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Over the last ten years, complete streets policy diffusion has been rapid, but uneven, and the extent to which policy adoption is making a difference in the implementation of projects at the local and regional level is unclear, as this innovative approach is still competing with the decades old auto-oriented design practices.  Tracking the transition and understanding the opportunities and barriers to policy diffusion can help communities craft more appropriate strategies to meet the changing demands and expectations of the public.  Through a national survey of the 385 metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) around the country, this research seeks to evaluate the extent to which complete streets policies are being adopted and implemented at MPO level, what opportunities and barriers to complete street adoption and implemented at MPO level, the impact of MAP-21 on complete streets adoption and implementation, and implications for future policy diffusion and innovation efforts.

Evacuation Planning

Studies have been performed on carless and special needs evacuation planning.

Maritime and Port Planning

Maritime and Technology (MarTrec), Port Cities and Intermodal Liquefied Natural Gas Development. UNOTI has been working with the Port of New Orleans and Port of Baton Rouge staff to investigate the best practices of LNG bunkering including:  legal and regulatory issues, security issues, safety issues, cost/benefits analysis examples, facility location and construction, investment options, and carbon footprint calculations.

Port of New Orleans, Port of New Orleans Partnership Project. UNOTI in conjunction with the PORT of New Orleans is conducting research on e-Navigation and LNG development as well as coordinating workforce and educational outreach programs.

Assessing the Potential for Gulf Coast NAFTA Maritime Trade Corridors.  This study assesses the potential for Gulf Coast NAFTA maritime shipping corridors.  The research plan will document current trade patterns and infrastructure, analyze potential opportunities for trade expansion and analyze the policy barriers that need to be addressed to strengthen these trade corridors.  The study will produce findings and recommendations applicable to state, national, and international policy makers.

Intermodal Freight

Information coming soon.

Transit and Streetcars

Partnering with Ride New Orleans, the regional transit advocacy group, UNOTI evaluates varying approaches to regional transit fare integration, identifies best practices in cost sharing and the use of new technologies, to make recommendations to advance a unified fare policy in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Transportation and Land Use

Developing Minimum State Requirements for Local Growth Policy.  In Louisiana growth in and around many urban areas is not consistently managed or planned.  This can negatively impact state and local governments' ability to meeting current and future demand for transportation infrastructure, particularly with respect to DOTD's Complete Streets Policy.  Better tools and policies for coordinating infrastructure investment with development to encourage a safe, efficient, sustainable, and multimodal transportation systems are needed.  This project hopes to identify better tools and policies for coordinating infrastructure investment with development to encourage a safe, efficient, sustainable, and multimodal transportation system.  The goal of this research was to develop a "blueprint" for Growth Management and Guide to Model Policies at the State, MPO, Parish, and Municipal Levels in Louisiana.  This is a tool that the state can use to develop and encourage