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Left to Chance

Left to Chance: Hurricane Katrina takes us into two African American neighborhoods—working-class Hollygrove and middle-class Pontchartrain Park—to learn how their residents have experienced “Miss Katrina” and the long road back to normal life.

Reading Feminist Theory

Sociology — the study of social life — investigates topics ranging from the intimate family to the hostile mob, from crime to religion, from racial divisions to shared beliefs. A Sociology major at UNO acquires a firm grounding in sociological theories and research methods that will help navigate these complex issues.

About our Department

The Department of Sociology, part of the College of Liberal Arts, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a Master of Arts degree in both Sociology and Applied Sociology. Two of the department's major areas of specialization are environmental sociology and gender studies. In addition to several courses in these areas, the sociology curriculum includes courses in theory, research methods, race relations, statistics, social inequality, and population problems.  Other courses are devoted to extensive study of cities, families, crime, industry, and social change.


The Department of Sociology is committed to maintaining teaching standards that effectively prepare students to pursue productive employment, post-graduate and advanced graduate degrees, and to fulfill actively its responsibilities regarding community involvement and service. The Department of Sociology supports the educational mission of the University of New Orleans through its undergraduate and graduate degree programs that reflect a commitment to the maintenance of the highest professional standards. Members of the department are also committed to conducting research and publishing in numerous areas.

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