UNO Survey Research Center

UNO students collecting data during the SRC's latest survey.


A full range of survey research services include:

  • Customized surveys
  • Surveys of targeted populations
  • A professional staff
  • In-depth reporting
  • A reputation for thoroughness and accuracy

UNO Survey Research Services

Studies & Results

The results of these surveys can be seen under Poll Studies. We also maintain PDF's of our past surveys in the same location.

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Since 1985, UNO Survey Research Center has collected information about public opinions, beliefs and values on a wide range of social, economic and political issues. In that time it has gained a reputation for accuracy and integrity in public opinion research.

Located in Milneburg Hall, the UNO Survey Research Center is an independent academic survey unit offering high quality research services to people inside and outside of the University. We provide training and experience in survey research to graduate and undergraduate students.

Also known as the the UNO Poll, the Survey Research Center exists to serve the research, teaching and service needs of the University and of the larger community. The UNO Poll promotes socially significant research with public policy implications as well as research of theoretical or academic interest.


In January 2004, the UNO SRC, in collaboration with the Center for Hazards Assessment and Research Technology was awarded a grant of $438,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to conduct Citizen Evacuation Surveys in twelve Southeast Louisiana parishes. The information will be used to enhance efficient and safe evacuations in the case of a major hurricane.