MPA Degree Requirements

How long will it take me to complete the MPA degree?

The program consists of 42 hours (14 courses). There are nine required courses (27 hours); and three elective courses (9 hours). Full time students take three classes a semester (fall and spring). The program can be completed in two and a half years with continuous full-time enrollment. If a student elects to enroll part-time, the program can be completed in three to four years, depending upon how many courses are taken per semester and whether the student takes classes in the summer.

Degree Requirements

  • Economics – Micro or Macro (3 hrs)
  • Political Science or American Government (3 hrs)
  • Unmet prerequisites should be made up early in the program.


  • 42 total hours needed to complete the degree (excluding deficiencies or prerequisites)
  • 27 hours of required courses
  • 9 hours of electives
  • 6 hours of thesis research and a thesis, or 6 hours of capstone courses and a final project. All masters students must include at least 15 hours of courses numbered 6000 or above in their programs of study.

Required Courses

PADM 6001 Research Methods in Public Administration
PADM 6010 The Profession of Public Administration
POLI 5170 The Politics of Public Policy
PADM 6110 Public Budgeting
PADM 6160 Law and Ethics in Public Administration
URBN 6165 Urban Public Policy Analysis
AADM 6221 Grant Writing
PADM 6410 Technology in Public Organizations
PADM 6201 Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation

Final Project

This is an applied project completed in conjunction with a public service job or internship while enrolled in PADM 6901 and 6902 MPA Capstone I & II (3 hrs each).

Joint Juris Doctorate Degree

We offer a joint JD (law degree) with the School of Law at Loyola University New Orleans.

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The MPA program offers specializations in Nonprofit leadership (NPL), Hazard Policy, and Transportation Administration.