Honors in Political Science

An honors program is available to superior students majoring in political science. Successful completion of the program results in graduation with Honors in Political Science. For admission to the program, a student must have grade-point averages of at least 3.25 cumulative and at least 3.5 in psychology courses and must have permission of the department and the Honors Program director. Before graduation, the student must take six hours of Senior Thesis (POLI 4991), resulting in an acceptable honors thesis.

Students concentrating in political science must complete 34 hours in their major, including courses POLI 2151, 2600 or 2700, 2900, and 4999 as well as six hours in math above 1022.

The nine hours in foreign language must be in the same language. Alternatively, students may opt to take 12 hours in two foreign languages (6 hours in each of two languages). If the 12-hour option is chosen, it reduces approved electives by 3 hours. Be sure that there is at least one humanities course at or above the 2000 level among the electives.

Students must also demonstrate oral communication competence, either by passing Film and Theatre Arts 2650 or 2660, or by satisfying the significant oral component of any course that includes such a component.

Students with 45 hours or more who have not completed Political Science 2900 are advised to take that course at the first opportunity.

At least 18 hours in political science must be chosen from courses numbered  3000 or above. At least one 3000 or above Political Science course must be chosen in U.S. politics: POLI 4170, 4210, 4600, 4601, 4621, 4630, 4640, 4650, 4653. At least one 3000 or above Political Science course must be chosen from the fields of comparative politics (course numbers beginning with ‘47’) and/or international relations (course numbers beginning with ‘48’).

Students shall select 12 additional hours in humanities and social sciences (other than political science) at or above the 3000 level and 35 additional hours in any field. The curriculum must include at least 6 hours of humanities at 2000 or above and at least 3 hours of social sciences other than political science.