David W. Neubauer

Professor Emeritus

David NeubaurCurriculum Vitae


David W. Neubauer holds the position of Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of New Orleans where he taught since 1973. He is the author of Judicial Process, Law, Courts and Politics in the United States ((2007; 4th ed.) with Steven S. Meinhold) Battle Supreme: The Confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts and the Future of the Supreme Court ((2006) with Steven S. Meinhold); America’s Courts and the Criminal Justice System (2005; 8th ed.); Debating Crime: Rhetoric and Reality (2001); Criminal Justice in Middle America (1974); and Managing the Pace of Justice: An Evaluation of LEAA’s Court Delay-Reduction Program ((1981) with Marcia Lipetz, Mary Lee Luskin, and John Paul Ryan). His articles have appeared in Law and Society Review, Judicature, Policy Studies Journal, Law and Policy Quarterly, Justice Systems Journal, Justice Quarterly and other journals. His current research interests include drug courts and state Supreme Court review of criminal appeals.