Mariam I. Tazi-Preve

Adjunct ProfessorMariam I. Tazi-Preve


Office: 248 Milneburg Hall
Phone: 504-280-3872


Education: Ph.D., University of Innsbruck, Austria, 1997
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Politics, Politics and Reproduction, European Welfare State, Gender Theory, Political Theory, Women in Islam.

Dr Tazi-Preve is author, coauthor and editor of seven books, among these: Familienpolitik – nationale und internationale Perspektiven (Family Policies – National and International Perspectives), Väter im Abseits (Fathers Aside), and Motherhood in Patriarchy . A new book is under contract and will be published in spring 2017.

She is (co)founder of the so-called “Kritische Patriarchatstheorie - Critical Theory on Patriarchy” developed by the “Innsbruck School” and cofounder and editor of the Journal Boomerang. Her research has appeared among others in Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (Austrian Journal of Political Science), Tel Aviver Jahrbuch für Deutsche Geschichte, Canadian Woman Studies Journal, Beginning Population Studies, Demographic Research, and in edited books.

Dr. Tazi-Preve received a FWF Science Foundation grant (largest Austrian Funding institution) for her European Project “Population Policy Acceptance Survey” and a scholarship for her dissertation from the Austrian Government. She has also won two grants from the Vaughan Foundation for her recent research and a further application to the Dougherty Foundation is under review. She has delivered numerous papers at professional meetings worldwide, where she has also chaired panels and sections.

Dr. Tazi-Preve’s current research interests include Family Policies and the Nuclear Family, The Effect of Austerity Measures on European Social Policies, Critical Theory and Gender, Political Power and Sexuality.