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Hurricane Katrina, Ten Years Later

Boebel FlyerJean Brainard Boebel Memorial Lecture in Historic Preservation

Presenter:  Stephanie Ryberg-Webster
Title:  Historic Preservation in the Era of the Shrinking City
Date:  Thursday, April 16 | Time:  6 pm
Location:  137 Kirschman Hall

Past Katrina@10 Events

A Safe and Just Region?
Assessing New Orleans 10 years after Katrina

Ten years ago, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita flooded New Orleans and led to one of the largest rebuilding efforts of any American city and region.  As the 10th anniversary approaches on Aug. 29, 2015, how has the area recovered and changed?

Katrina@10 Summit

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The Katrina@10 Summit is available on YouTube

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Please join us for a conversation on March 27 about disasters, resilience, the coast, food, music, historic preservation, gentrification, the economy, transportation and more!

When:  March 27, 2015 | Location:  UNO Ballroom
Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m.

*Free and open to the public.

Summit Agenda

Katrina At 10 Poster

Biographies of participants may be found by clicking on the participant's name.

Session 1
Time:  9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Are we ready for the next big one? The coast, disaster preparedness and resilience 10 years later

     .....The state of the coast, disaster resilience and responses to living in vulnerable coastal areas.


  • Introduction and Moderator:  John Kiefer,  Associate Professor and Director, MPA Program, UNO
  • Susan Testroet-Bergeron, Director, Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program
    People of the Bayou
  • Jayeesha Dutta, Coordinator, Gulf Future Coalition
    Gulf Future:  Restoring, Protecting and Defending the Gulf Coast's Communities, Cultures and Ecosystems
  • Alessandra Jerolleman, Sr. Emergency Management & Hazard Mitigation Planner, JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
    Changes in the Resilience Landscape:  Emerging Collaborations and Trends
  • Monica Teets Farris, Director, UNO-CHART
    Building Community Resilience through Education & Outreach
  • Kristina Peterson, Visiting Assistant Professor, Planning and Urban Studies, UNO
    Adaptation:  Between Now and Then

Session 2
Time: 10:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
New Orleans cultures as life and work:  Continuity and change in food, music and everyday life

     .....A look at diverse ways that local cultures change and are preserved.


  • Introduction and Moderator: David Beriss,  Associate Professor, Anthropology, UNO
  • George Ingmire, Media Producer, WWOZ
    We Don't Bow Down:  The Flourishing Spirit of FiYiYi
  • Rachel Breunlin, Ethnographer-in-Residence, Anthropology, UNO & Co-Director of the Neighborhood Story Project
    Talk that Music Talk:  How Jazz Is Taught in New Orleans
  • Abram Himelstein, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, English, UNO & Editor-in-Chief, UNO Press
    Publishing as Sculptural Installation
  • Helen Regis (co-author), Associate Professor, Geography and Anthropology, LSU
    Nikki Thanos (co-author), Independent Scholar, Human Rights/Social Justice Lawyer
    Paseos por New Orleans:  Portraits of Latin@ Cultural Activists
  • Sarah Fouts, Ph.D. Student, Stone Center for Latin American Studies, Tulane University
    Latino Foodways in New Orleans:  Exploring Notions of Resistance, Vulnerability and Integration
  • Shana Walton (co-author), Associate Professor of English, Languages and Literature, Nicholls State University
    Helen Regis (co-author), Associate Professor, Geography and Anthropology, LSU
    Sharing, Harvesting, and Feasting in Coastal Louisiana
  • David Beriss, Associate Professor, Anthropology, UNO
    Tacos, Kale, and Vietnamese Po'Boys:  The Re-Creolization of Food in Postdiluvian New Orleans

Lunch on your own
Time: 12:15p.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Session 3
Time:  1:15 p.m.-2:45 p.m.
Place, historic preservation, and disaster:  Preserving architecture and cultural heritage in an uncertain environment

     .....Preserving historic architecture, landscapes, archeological sites, and other tangible and intangible resources


  • Introduction and moderator: D. Ryan Gray, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UNO
  • Jane S. Brooks, Professor Emeritus, Former holder of Jean Brainard Boebel Chair in Historic Preservation, Planning and Urban Studies, UNO
    Preserving the Past in the Post-Katrina Renewal of New Orleans City Park
  • Walter W. Gallas, Executive Director, Louisiana Landmarks Society
    Post-Katrina New Orleans:  Lessons Learned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Sherry Anderson, State Historic Preservation Officer Liaison to FEMA in the Louisiana Recovery Office
    Embedded with FEMA:  Minimizing and Mitigating the Loss of Historic Buildings in the Wake of Disaster
  • Jason Emery, Lead Archaeologist/Historical Preservation Specialist for the Louisiana Recovery Office, FEMA, Region 6
    FEMA's Role in the Archaeological Record of New Orleans Post-Katrina:  Disastrous Beginnings to Uncertain Futures
  • Ryan Seidemann, Assistant Attorney General, Louisiana Department of Justice
    Katrina's Legacy in Stone:  Have We Learned Anything from the Cemetery Problems of the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season?
  • Mary Niall Mitchell, Associate Professor, History, UNO & Joseph Tregle Professor of Early American History
    Going Digital, Going Public:  The Demand for New Orleans History as Shared Knowledge after Katrina

Session 4
Time: 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Rebuilding a new New Orleans? A decade of urban change in housing, transportation and economic development

     .....A critical reflection on how the city is changing and possibilities for its future.


  • Introduction and moderator: Renia Ehrenfeucht, Associate Professor, Planning and Urban Studies, University of New Mexico
  • Marla Newman, Executive Director, Louisiana Housing Alliance
    (Re)Creating Communities of Opportunity
  • Marla Nelson, Associate Professor, Planning and Urban Studies, UNO
    The Prevalence and Persistence of Low-Wage Work in the 'New' New Orleans
  • Jeffrey Thomas, Principal of Thomas Strategies, LLC
    Financing Recovery & Resilience:  Does Available Funding Create a Sustainable Future or the Day before the Storm
  • Anna Brand, Assistant Professor, Planning and Urban Studies, UNO
    Ringing It Back:  Exploring Post-Katrina New Orleans Neighborhoods and the Tensions between Democracy, Inequality, and Development
  • John Renne, Associate Professor, Planning and Urban Studies & Director, UNOTI, UNO
    The Changing Nature of Public Transportation in Post-Katrina New Orleans
  • Kate Lowe, Assistant Professor, Planning and Urban Studies, UNO
    Persistent Disparities:  Transportation in New Orleans@2015

    Student Display Abstracts

  • Johannes Schmid and Syed Rezwanul Islam, Planning and Urban Studies, UNO
    Creating a WhoData Application for "Smart" Public Participation
  • Phillip Gilmore and Kathryn Sullivan, Planning and Urban Studies, UNO
    30 Years of Homeownership:  A Research Evaluation of the Neighborhood Development Foundation
  • Derreck Deason, Bryant Dixon, Philip Gilmore, Brittany Arceneaux, Planning and Urban Studies, UNO
    Evaluation of as an applied Public Participation Geographic Information Systems (PPGIS)

Katrina@10 Film Series & Lectures

Showing of "Can't Stop the Water"
Director and Producer Rebecca Ferris and Chief Albert Naquin
Date: Thursday, March 26 | Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: 264 Milneburg Hall

Katrina@10 Lecture
Presenter: Katie Williams (MSUS '10) Director, Film New Orleans, The Mayor's Office of the Cultural Economy, spoke about her work in the region's burgeoning film industry.
Date: February 11th

Katrina@10 Film Series
Film: "Land of Opportunity" followed by a question and answer session with the Director, Luisa Dantes.
Date: February 18th

Presenter:  Jill Zimmerman (MURP '13) Executive Director of Planning, Recovery School District, Louisiana Department of Education
Date:  March 11