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Undergraduate Program

B.A. in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy at the University of New Orleans offers a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy.

Regardless of whether course work is completed in a classroom or online, the undergraduate program is intellectually challenging and academically flexible. It provides a solid general background in the core areas of Philosophy (Logic, Ethics, History of Philosophy, and Metaphysics & Epistemology) while also offering a varied menu of elective courses.

Student Learning Outcomes

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

  1. Philosophy majors will be capable of reading both primary and secondary texts, analyzing the arguments contained in them correctly, and developing cogent philosophical arguments in defense of their own claims.
  2. Philosophy majors will demonstrate a willingness to entertain criticism, the ability to formulate and reply to reasoned objections, and the ability to present opposing views critically, yet sympathetically.
  3. Philosophy majors will demonstrate a broad understanding of key concepts, problems, ideas, and fundamental questions found in the four core areas of the discipline: (a) Logic, (b) Value Theory, (c) History of Philosophy, and (d) Metaphysics & Epistemology.
  4. Non-majors taking philosophy to meet General Education requirements will recognize the importance of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary in the discipline of philosophy.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements for philosophy is an overview of courses required to complete the degree program.

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Minor in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers a minor in philosophy. View what courses are required to complete the minor.

Requirements for minor