Edward R. Johnson, Ph.D.

Professor EmeritusEdward Johnson


Office: LA 395

Phone: 504-280-719
Email: erjohns1@uno.edu


Educational Background

Edward Johnson has been, since 2011, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy. He earned his Ph.D. at Princeton University with one of the earliest dissertations on animal rights. Over the years, he received six awards for teaching (1984, 1990, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2010), and served in a number of administrative roles at the University of New Orleans, including Chair of the Department of Philosophy (1982-2011), Vice Chancellor Associate for Academic Affairs (1998-2000), Director of the Office of Freshman Affairs (2000-2003), Academic Director of the General Studies Program (2003-2005), and Director of the University Honors Program (2007-2011).

He has published more than a hundred essays in academic books and journals, dealing with a broad range of issues: from ancient western and eastern thought (Greece, China, India), to applied ethics (including environmental ethics, bio-ethics, criminal justice ethics, business ethics), to Philosophy of education, and Philosophy of technology. In 2009, he was Inaugural Director of UNO's summer program, UNO in Japan: Study at Doshisha University.

The Edward R. Johnson Scholarship was named to honor his service and contributions to this department.

Courses Taught

PHIL 1000: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1050: Reasoning
PHIL 1101: Introduction to Logic
PHIL 1200: Social Ethics
PHIL 2201: Ethics
PHIL 2207: Philosophy of Law
PHIL 2215: Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 2222: Philosophy of Sex and Love
PHIL 2314: American Philosophy
PHIL 2222: Philosophy of Sex and Love
PHIL 2244: Engineering Ethics
PHIL 2314: American Philosophy
PHIL 2413: Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 2450: Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 2701: Religions of the East
PHIL 2702: Religions of the West
PHIL 3001: Senior Honors Thesis
PHIL 3030: Individual Senior Seminar
PHIL 3095: Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 3201: Advanced Ethics
PHIL 3232: Medical Ethics 
PHIL 3301: The Philosophy of Plato


PHIL 3302: The Philosophy of Aristotle
PHIL 3334: German Idealism & the 19th Century
PHIL 3401: Theories of Knowledge
PHIL 3422: Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 3431: Philosophy of the Social Sciences
PHIL 3480: Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 3500: The Philosophy of Wittgenstein
PHIL 3511: Existentialism
PHIL 4205: Environmental Ethics
PHIL 4250: Philosophy of Art

Other Courses Taught:

A&S 1119: Ancient Greece
A&S 2410: Renaissance Reformation Enlightenment
A&S 2899: Twentieth Century Issues
A&S 2999: Forms of Inquiry
A&S 3099: Honors Colloquium
A&S 3110: Nineteenth Century
ENGL 1159: Honors English Composition

ENGL 2279: Ancient Greek Literature