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Why Major in Philosophy?

A student of Philosophy develops the ability to read critically, to reason well both orally and through analytical writing, and to ask relevant and interesting questions.


The Philosophy program has a high success rate in placing its graduates in law schools, as well as other types of graduate programs across the country.

About the Program


Our site includes a variety of information that will be useful to you should you choose to major in Philosophy, including: what Philosophy is; information about our faculty and what they teach; information about the Philosophy B.A. degree requirements; information about our online B.A. program and how to apply; information about what courses we are offering and descriptions of all our courses; information about our scholarships & awards and how to apply; and information about our very active undergraduate Philosophy Club.

Mission Statement

The Philosophy program supports The University of New Orleans' mission in three ways. First, by offering a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, which may be completed in residence or online, where majors must demonstrate:

  • their understanding of key concepts, problems, ideas, and fundamental questions found in the core areas of the discipline;
  • their mastery of the critical thinking skills required to read texts, to recognize, reconstruct, and evaluate arguments correctly, and to defend their own claims both orally and through analytical writing; and
  • their ability to entertain criticism and to present opposing views sympathetically.

Second, by offering courses that make the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to do philosophy both relevant and accessible to students taking philosophy to meet general education requirements in the humanities.

Third, by sustaining an active program of philosophical research and creative projects; requiring appropriate professional standards of performance; and actively participating in service to the university, the profession, and the community.

Major in Philosophy at UNO



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