Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Department of Music offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music with concentrations in composition, jazz studies, music studies and performance. Interested candidates in all concentrations must successfully pass an audition and be admitted to the university through the College of Liberal Arts.

UNO's music programs are unique: Students learn from and perform with leading professionals, gain hands-on experience, and acquire life-long critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills from our renowned faculty and through a variety of performance experiences. A low faculty-to-student ratio and a tradition of camaraderie among the student body contribute to the quality of the UNO music education experience.

Student Learning Outcomes

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Music

  1. Students will demonstrate the skills requisite for artistic self-expression and the creation of high quality music.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the common elements and organizational patterns of music and their interaction through aural, verbal, and visual analyses.
  3. Students will be able to place music in the appropriate historical, cultural, and stylistic contexts.


The Composition concentration utilizes private lessons, group seminars, and core courses to develop the student's individual creative voice. Through study with world-class faculty and guests, students are equipped with the skills required of the 21st Century composer.


Jazz StudiesJazz Studies
Jazz studies at UNO embraces both the rich traditions of our city and the innovations and creativity that keep New Orleans on the forefront of a burgeoning creative economy.


Music StudiesMusic Studies

Music Studies is for those interested in charting an individually-tailored career path with an emphasis in the broader liberal arts.


PerformancePerformance (Instrumental or Voice)
The Performance concentration is designed for the student who wishes to prepare for a professional career in performance or other creative pursuits.


Minor in Music

The Music Department offers two options for students who wish to pursue a minor in music. Students electing option two must audition on their instrument or voice to be accepted into that option.

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