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Degree Requirements | Music, Composition

The information below reflects the degree requirements for the current academic year. To view degree requirements from the academic year you began the degree program, please see our list of printable degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Music (Composition Concentration)

General Education Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
English    BIOS or Physical Science3  6
ENGL 1157 3  Humanities  
ENGL 1158 or 11591 3  FORL 1001/1002  6
Mathematics  6*  ENGL Literature  3
     Social Sciences  
     Social Sciences Electives  6
Science    Arts  
BIOS3 3  MUS 1005  3
    Total 39
Other Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
FORL 1002 3  Social Science 2000+2  6
FORL 2001/1001 (3)8    
Literature 3    
    Total 12-15
Course Requirements for Major4
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
MUS 1111  1  MUS 2101 3
MUS 1105  3  MUS 2102  3
MUS 1106 3  MUS 2103  1
MUS 1103 1  MUS 2104  1
MUS 1104 1 MUS 3211 3
MUS 1405 2 MUS 3212 3
MUS 1406 2 Applied Composition 18
MUS 14074  (2)  Ensemble5 6
     MUS 1900  0
    Total 51
Composition Concentration
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
MUS 4101  2  MUS 39607  0
MUS 4102  2  MUS 3111  1
MUS 4105  3  MUS 3112  1
MUS Electives6  9 Applied Music9  6
    Total 24
Total Credit Hours Required Credit Hours

* See General Course Requirements and Approved Electives in the Liberal Arts Section
  1. "C" or better required
  2. Must include courses from two different fields (ANTH, ECON, GEOG, POLI, PSYC, SOC, or URBN) and at least 6 hours at 2000-level or higher. See General Course Requirements and Approved Electives in Liberal Arts Section. NOTE: Students must earn six hours of 3000+ course work in non-music studies. The most efficient way to fulfill this requirement is to take at least six of the nine hours of required social sciences at the 3000+ level, thereby fulfilling two requirements at once. Students may choose to fulfill the 3000+ requirement by tak­ing courses in other areas of concentration (i.e., humanities, business administration, sciences) but doing so will not reduce the number of social sciences hours required.
  3. 6 hour sequence in one science. Select from BIOS, CHEM, EES, PHYS. 3 hours must be BIOS.
  4. All students must pass piano proficiency through MUS 1407. See music major requirements listed under Curricula in Music.
  5. Full-time students must enroll in one ensemble appropriate to their emphasis area each semester even though the six-hour requirement may have been fulfilled. At least two hours of ensemble must be at the 4000-level. Part-time students are strongly encouraged to participate in an ensemble every semester. Any student, whether full-time or part-time, who is enrolled in an applied music course, must enroll in an ensemble. Students with an emphasis in piano or music studies should consult with their advisor to choose an ensemble.
  6. Nine hours must be non-ensemble, seven of which must be at 3000+ level. Three hours must be in Jazz History, Jazz Theory, Jazz Composition/Arranging, or Jazz Improvisation.
  7. Satisfies College of Liberal Arts oral competency requirements.
  8. Must complete nine credit hours in one language or twelve credit hours in two languages.
  9. To be selected from Applied Keyboard, Voice, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, or Percussion. Students may choose 3 2-credit or 2 3-credit lessons in consultation with their major professor.