Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Music offers a variety of scholarships, service awards, graduate assistantships, and recognition awards.

Talent-Based Scholarships

The Department of Music offers a variety of talent-based scholarships up to the total cost of attendance (tuition, housing, meals). Scholarship awards are based upon faculty recommendations following the student’s acceptance into the program through audition. Talent-based scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis. Students are strongly encouraged to apply early.

Some non-resident students may be eligible for a waiver of out-of-state fees.  Please contact Enrollment Services for details.

Service Awards

Throughout the year, students may have the opportunity to be awarded service scholarships based on assigned responsibilities.  These awards are ad hoc and are based on assigned responsibilities.

Graduate Assistantships

The department offers limited Graduate Assistantships.  See your program coordinator for more information and availability.

Elysian Ensemble Awards

Awarded each semester to students who participate in performance ensembles. To be considered, students must earn a grade of B or better in the ensemble course, be in good academic standing, and demonstrate outstanding musicianship and professionalism.

Other Scholarships and Awards

Nate and Priscilla Gordon Scholarship in Jazz Studies

A four-year award made to an incoming Jazz Studies student.

George Brumat Memorial Scholarship in Jazz Studies

An annual award made to a current Jazz Studies student who demonstrates exceptional dedication to the jazz community.

Pat Haun Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to students demonstrating excellence in the Classical performance area.

The ASCAP Foundation Louis Armstrong Scholarship at the University of New Orleans

Made possible by a grant from the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc. to the ASCAP Foundation, this $3,000 award is made to an outstanding graduate student in Jazz Studies who composes her/his own material and who is either unaffiliated or affiliated with ASCAP.

Ernest and Shirley Svensen Jazz Composition Award

A $400 prize awarded to the winner of an annual student composition competition held each spring.  The winner’s work is performed as part of the Jazz at the Sandbar series.

Outstanding Freshmen Awards

Awarded each spring to the freshmen in the jazz and classical areas with the highest grade point averages and demonstrated excellence as performers.

Gregory Federico Outstanding Senior Awards

Awarded each spring to the seniors in the jazz and classical areas with the highest grade point averages and demonstrated excellence as performers.

Chair’s Award

A $100 cash award made each spring by the faculty to a student for outstanding contributions to the spirit and community of the Music Department.

New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus Award

A $250 award made each semester to an outstanding student who demonstrates excellence in the choral area.