Operational Safety

To ensure safe operations for students, staff, faculty, and visitors, the Department of Music engages in safety practices including but not limited to the following:

  • The department adheres to all UNO safety procedures.
  • Takes part in campus-wide emergency alert systems (including social media) and posts information regarding general safety, emergency procedures, and hurricane preparedness and evacuation protocols.
  • Safety practices and health resources are discussed at the departmental orientation meeting held at the beginning of each semester.
  • The department provides free earplugs to students working in concert or practice environments where sound levels typically approach thresholds for hearing loss.
  • All students working as stage technicians and sound engineers undergo safety training by approved staff or faculty.
  • All students assisting in choral riser set-up and break-down are trained in proper procedures by the Choral Director. Proper procedures are posted in the appropriate areas.
  • The department posts signage in laboratories and practice areas reminding students to protect their hearing.
  • The Institution maintains safe lighting, access and egress in Performing Arts Center facilities.
  • The department provides hand sanitizer and wipes for general use and in computer and keyboard labs.