Graduate Program

Master of Music

The Department of Music offers a Master of Music in Music with concentrations in composition, conducting, jazz studies, and performance. Our program is generally a two-year (four semester) course of study, emphasizing advanced training in the applied area and in music history and theory. Interested candidates in all concentrations must successfully pass an audition and be admitted to the university's Graduate School.

All candidates must complete a minimum of 33 credit hours, take part in the Graduate Colloquium (MUS 6900) every semester, present a graduate recital, and pass both oral and written comprehensive examinations during the final semester. Composition students have additional requirements.

Please see each concentration area for details.


The Composition concentration utilizes private lessons, group seminars, and core courses to develop the student's individual creative voice. Through study with world-class faculty and guests, students are equipped with the skills required of the 21st Century composer.

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Students gain hands-on conducting experience with a variety of ensembles and in different musical styles, guided by experienced faculty.In addition to applied study, students also take courses in music history and music theory as well as electives.

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Jazz StudiesJazz Studies
The Jazz Studies emphasis focuses on individual and ensemble performance abilities, composing and arranging skills, and the critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills you need to succeed professionally. Interested candidates must successfully pass an audition and be admitted to the UNO Graduate School.

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The concentration focuses on development of technique, musicianship and repertoire for either voice or instrument, and includes applied instruction, participation in ensembles, and the study of advanced music theory and music history.

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