Audition and Application Information

Conducting, Graduate Requirements


Charles Taylor, D.M.A.
Phone: 504-280-6381

University Admissions

The Department of Music accepts students in accordance with requirements from the Office of Admissions. Applications may be submitted at any time, but the department strongly encourages applicants to submit their materials well before the university deadlines.

All applicants to the Conducting concentration must successfully audition and be accepted by the department as well as be accepted into the University of New Orleans. Please read these instructions carefully. If you need additional information please contact the faculty coordinator for your area.

There are two components to your application:

Part 1: Conducting Application Form

Please download and fill out the Conducting Audition Application Form. Save it using your name in the title, e.g., Harry_Granger_Application_Form.pdf. You will attach this to your e-mailed submission.

Downloads: Conducting Application Form

Part 2: Audition Videos

Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing the audition video:

  1. You may use any video recorder as long as the audio is of respectable quality. Avoid distracting background noises.
  2. State your name clearly at the beginning of each recording.
  3. Place your best performance first on the recording.
  4. After recording, upload your videos to YouTube or similar platform. Include your name, the composer and the title of the work in the YouTube title, e.g., "Harry Granger, conducting Dvorak, Serenade in D Minor."
  5. Send an email to BOTH and Dr. Charles Taylor, containing the following:
    • the links to your videos
    • your completed Performance Audition Application Form (attached as a .pdf) 
    In the header include the words "AUDITION SUBMISSION" and your name, e.g., "AUDITION SUBMISSION Granger."

Audition Contents

Submitted materials for both choral and instrumental (wind and/or orchestral) conducting applicants should include videos of the following:

  1. The applicant conducting a segment of a recent rehearsal.
  2. The applicant conducting a recent performance of two compositions (or one multi-movement work).
    • Recordings must be made within 9 months of submission and be unedited (except for time, in the case of the rehearsal).
    • The total length of the recording should be 15-20 minutes.
    • The video should be made from the perspective of the ensemble—the conductor should be in full frontal or partial profile view; at least part of the ensemble should also be in view.
    • Repertoire should be appropriate to the musical and technical level of the ensemble.
    • You may submit evidence of your vocal or instrumental performance skill in addition to your conducting audition materials.
    • The "performance" can be solely for this audition and need not be a live concert performance.

Choral Applicants

  • Your submissions should feature two works of contrasting styles.
  • If you wish, you may submit a DVD in lieu of an online application with the permission of the Choral Conducting coordinator. Please make sure that your disc is clearly labeled, and that the files are in a format that can be read by Windows Media Player such as .wmv or .mpeg. Print out your completed Audition Application Form and firmly attach it to the DVD.