Audition and Application Information

Undergraduate & Graduate Requirements


Yotam Haber, D.M.A.
Phone: 504-280-6788

University Admissions

The Department of Music accepts students in accordance with requirements from the Office of Admissions. Applications may be submitted at any time, but the department strongly encourages applicants to submit their materials well before the university deadlines.

All applicants to the Composition program (both undergraduate and graduate) must:

  1. Submit online portfolio, instrument proficiency video, and Composition application form for consideration.
  2. Be accepted by the Department of Music.
  3. Be admitted into the University of New Orleans' undergraduate program or Graduate School.

Application Materials and Process

There are three components to your application:


A portfolio of 2-3 compositions for a variety of performance media (3-5 compositions for M.M. candidates) and other materials demonstrating your work.

  • Portfolios should include both scores and recordings of the work.
  • Scores: Include the title of the work and your name. Please submit as .pdf files or as links to a personal website or Issuu, a free publishing platform that allows you to upload .pdfs and provides a link for anyone to view the .pdf online.
  • Recordings: we accept either links to recordings hosted on a personal website or through SoundCloud. Please provide direct links to the works submitted. In either case, links must be streamable, not only downloadable. YouTube or Vimeo links are acceptable if your work involves visual elements.
  • It is strongly recommended, if possible, that at least one of the recordings be by traditional acoustic instruments – that is, not a MID realization.
  • Include a list of all your compositions and, if applicable, the date and location of performance. Please attach this as a .pdf file.
  • M.M. candidates: the portfolio should also include a research paper that you have written in college (music subject preferred). The paper should demonstrate the ability to think logically and communicate clearly. Please include it in your application packet as a .pdf file.

Instrument Proficiency

Please record two selections on video from the Classical or Contemporary repertoire that demonstrate your best playing.

  • You may use any video recorder – even your cell phone - as long as the audio is of respectable quality.
  • You may perform on any orchestral/band instrument, percussion, guitar, or piano.
  • Upload your recording to YouTube, Vimeo or similar platform. Include your name, the composer and the title of the work in the YouTube title, e.g., "Harry Granger, Dvorak, Serenade in D Minor."

Composition Application Form

Please download and fill out the Composition Application Form. Save it using your name in the title, e.g., Harry_Granger_Application_Form.pdf.

Downloads: Composition Application Form

Submit Application Materials

  1. Send an e-mail to: Dr. Yotam Haber at and to with the words COMPOSITION APPLICATION [YOUR NAME] in the header.
  2. The email should contain the following:
    • Your name, address and phone number in the body of the e-mail.
    • Portfolio scores, list of compositions, and research paper (MM only) attached as .pdf files or .pdf links.
    • Links to portfolio composition performances (links only, no audio files). Under each link, put the title of the work, date of composition, length, and names and instruments of the performers. ("Masterpiece," (2013), 3:15, Harry Granger, flute, Ron Black, piano) If you are using MIDI playback rather than a live recording, simply note "performer/s: MIDI."
  3. Links to 2 proficiency demonstration videos (YouTube, Vimeo, or similar platform).
  4. Completed Composition Application Form attached as a .pdf file.

All materials must be submitted at the same time.