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Peace and Justice Studies

The global problems of war, violence, oppression and inequality are problems the human community can no longer afford to ignore. If peace is desired, justice must first pave the way. But how can this justice be achieved? The Peace & Justice Studies Concentration enables students to ask this question and challenges them in their pursuit of the answers. Through interdisciplinary study, students in this concentration will examine the cases and causes of injustice that lead to conflict and will become aware of the conditions necessary to promote peace in
the world.

This concentration is designed to prepare students for careers primarily in International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that require competency in working with and understanding people from diverse backgrounds.

Course Distribution

Students in this concentration must take 24 hours of course work. They may not take more than 9 hours in
one discipline.

Students must take PHIL 2205, PADM 4800 (when pertaining to non-profits), IS 4998, either HIST 4005 or 4380, either SOC 4101 or 4219, and one the following courses: POLI 4885, 4710, or 4730.

The remaining six hours can be taken from the suggested courses as well as the above-listed courses. Students are encouraged to take as many courses from the above list as possible.