Latin American and Caribbean Studies Courses

Please Note

In addition to the courses noted below, specific classes may be added at the discretion of the Director of the BAIS program.

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Please check WebStar for the up-to-date list of courses. Access WebStar



  • ANTH 3315 Caribbean Peoples and Cultures: Colonialism, Creolization, Diaspora
  • ANTH 3320 Amazonia: People, Culture, and Nature
  • ANTH 3330 Latin America Conquest, Colonization, Empire


  • ENGL 4093 Studies in Black Literatures

Political Science

  • POLI 4700 Latin American Government and Politics
  • POLI 4710 Politics of Developing Areas
  • POLI 4780 Comparative Democratization


  • HIST 2400 Introduction to Latin America
  • HIST 4105 Women and Slavery in the Americas
  • HIST 4401 Latin American Cities
  • HIST 4403 History of Mexico
  • HIST 4406 Caribbean Civilization


  • SPAN 3271 Spanish-American Civilization
  • SPAN 3402 Masterpieces of Spanish and Spanish-American Literature in Translation
  • SPAN 4180 Modern Literature in Spanish
  • SPAN 4203 Spanish-American Civilization I
  • SPAN 4204 Spanish-American Civilization II