Undergraduate Programs

International Studies (B.A.I.S.)

In the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies you can choose from a variety of concentrations. See the list below and click on the concentration to view more information about courses and topics. Also, an international business track is available.

Degree Requirements (B.A.I.S.)
Degree Requirements (Business Track)


UNO BAIS Africana StudiesAfricana Studies
This concentration seeks to foster a critical understanding of the histories, cultures, societies, and politics of Africa and the wider African diaspora. The concentration will prepare BAIS students for graduate study or careers in a number of areas, including law, business, education, journalism, the public sector, and the arts.

Asian Studies and UNO BAISAsian Studies
A concentration in Asian Studies offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the regions, cultures, and civilizations of Asia. Upon completing course work, students will have studied at least one Asian language and will be able to speak with confidence about the cultural, political, and economic importance of this area.

European Studies at UNO BAISEuropean Studies
The BAIS concentration in European Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of European cultures and societies. Graduates are prepared for careers in international business, including exportation, marketing, finance, and tourism. Other opportunities include U.S. governmental agencies, particularly Foreign Service.

Latin American Studies at UNO BAISLatin American and Caribbean Studies
The concentration in Latin American & Caribbean Studies students acquire a broad and deep understanding of history, culture, politics, and society of Latin America and the Caribbean region. The concentration prepares students for careers in international business, law, economic development, journalism, and education.

Diplomacy and International Organizations at UNODiplomacy and International Organizations
This concentration is designed to give students a thorough grounding in the history of diplomacy and conflict resolution, familiarize them with the domestic actors and institutions formulating nations' foreign affairs, as well as introduce them to international institutions, nongovernmental actors, and international law.

Ethnicity Studies at UNO BAISEthnicity, Nationalism, and Migration
In the Ethnicity, Nationalism, & Migration concentration, students examine the economic, social, and political causes and effects of population flows and the development of ethnic identities and movements. Graduates are prepared for work in international development agencies and organizations.

Environmental Issues and Policy at UNOEnvironmental Issues and Policy
This concentration offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human interactions in relation to the global environment. Graduates with this concentration are prepared for career opportunities in international business, governmental and non-governmental environmental agencies, and international advocacy organizations.

Peace and Justice Studies at UNOPeace and Justice Studies
In Peace and Justice Studies, students will examine the cases and causes of injustice that lead to conflict and will become aware of the conditions necessary to promote peace in the world. This concentration is designed to prepare students for careers primarily in International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that require competency in working with and understanding people from diverse backgrounds.

Business Track of International Studies at UNOBusiness Track
The B.A. in International Studies offers a business track for students seeking a degree program that combines a broad-based liberal arts core curriculum with course work in accounting, marketing, finance, economics, management, and business administration.