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Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration

In the Ethnicity, Nationalism, & Migration Concentration, students will focus on the demographic dimensions of international studies, examining the economic, social, and political causes and effects of population flows and the development of ethnic identities and movements around the world. Students will draw on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives to become familiar with the structure of international migrations. The concentration will include the study of the economic context of migrations, the formation of migration and refugee policies, and social and cultural conflicts in countries of origin and in countries of destination. In addition, students will study the development of claims for ethnic recognition and minority rights, the challenges such claims pose for the dominance of the nation-state, the politics of difference, and the persistence of nationalism and ethnicity in a context marked by the growth of supranational organizations and the spread of global cultures.

This concentration will prepare students for work in both the public and private sectors, including international development agencies, and organizations focused on ethnic conflict resolution, immigration policy, refugees, migration, and settlement. Students will also be prepared to work in industries interested in international labor issues and cultural marketing.

Course Distribution Requirements

The BAIS requires 24 hours of course work in the student's chosen concentration. 3 hours of that course work must include IS 4998 (International Studies Internship). 12 hours must be taken in courses that are 2000-level or above. In addition, the concentration of 24 hours plus the 7 hours of electives must include 15 hours of course work in the social sciences. No more than 9 hours of the 24 hours can be in a single discipline.