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Environmental Issues and Policy

The concentration in Environmental Issues and Policy provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human interactions in relation to the global environment. The concentration will allow students to apply the different perspectives of the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences to environmental and natural resources issues. This concentration will allow students to assess and understand the complexity of environmental problems and how to search for their solutions. Students may enroll in courses from four different colleges including the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business Administration, and Urban and Public Affairs.

BAIS graduates with a concentration in Environmental Studies & Policy are prepared for career opportunities in international business, governmental and non-governmental environmental agencies, international advocacy organizations, and charitable or research agencies. With additional graduate training, students can look for careers in secondary or university teaching, environmental law, planning with a focus on environmental audits or assessment, and management.

Course Distribution Requirements

Courses taken to fulfill the 24-hour concentration should be drawn from a minimum of 3 disciplines with at least 1 discipline in the College of Sciences. At least 9 of the 24 hours of course credit should be at the 3000-level or above. No more than 9 hours of the 24 hours can be in a single discipline (additional hours in a discipline can, however, be taken as electives).