Printable Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements | International Studies (B.A.I.S.)

The information below reflects the degree requirements for the current academic year. To view degree requirements from the academic year you began the degree program, please see our list of printable degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

General Education Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
English    Humanities  
ENGL 1157 3  FORL 1001  3
ENGL 1158 or 11591 3  FORL 1002  3
Mathematics    ENGL Literature  3
MATH 1115 3  Social Sciences  
MATH 1125 or above 3  SOC 1051  3
Science    POLI 2600 or 2700  3
BIOS2 3  Arts  
BIOS or Physical Science3 6  Arts Elective3  3
    Total 39
Other Requirements
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
GEOG 2801 or POLI 2900 or SOC 2708 3  FORL 2001  3
ECON 1203 3  FORL 2002  3
Culture Course4 3  Literature5  3
Approved Electives9 9    
    Total 27
Course Requirements for Major
Course Name/ # Credit Hours  Course Name/#  Credit Hours
ANTH 4765  3  FORL 3000-level (language/not lit)7  3
GEOG 4310  3  FORL 3000-level (language/not lit)7  3
ECON 4261  3  POLI 4700/4800/4900 Series  6
SOC 4094 OR 4086 OR 4101 OR 4124  3  Non-Western or Diplomatic HIST Series6  6
     Area or Topical Studies8,9  24
    Total 54
Total Credit Hours Required Credit Hours
  1. "C" or better required
  2. 6 hour sequence in one science. Select from BIOS, CHEM, EES, PHYS. 3 hours must be BIOS.
  3. FTA (theatre/dance/film related course, FA or MUS)
  4. Any 2000-level or higher course in any discipline that treats culture, e.g., ANTH 2052
  5. Literature course may be in ENGL, FREN, or SPAN
  6. Non-Western History Option includes any 2000-level or higher HIST course with a non-U.S./non-European focus. (Note: Students with an area studies concentration should choose 6 hours unrelated to that area.) Diplomatic History Option includes any two of the following courses: HIST 4381, 4570, 4575, 4580, 4581 or other course by the program director.
  7. Foreign language proficiency for the BIAS must be demonstrated by passing six hours of 3000+ level non-literature courses in a language of choice, or competency to be determined by the Director of International Studies in consultation with the appropriate faculty in the Department of Foreign Languages. If a 3000-level conversation course is included in those 6 hours, it will also satisfy the College oral competency requirement. If a conversation course is not included, students should include in Electives a course that fulfills the oral competency requirement for majors in any relevant discipline.
  8. Students pursuing concentrations in Area Studies must take POLI 2600; students pursuing concentrations in Topical Themes must take POLI 2700.
  9. The 33 total hours of course work taken in the concentration and as electives must include 15 hours of social sciences and at least three but no more than six hours of internship in the appropriate area. At least 12 of the 24 hours taken in the concentration must be at the 2000-level or above. Some concentrations also require that the courses taken to fulfill the concentration be distributed among a minimum number of disciplines.