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Asian Studies Concentration Requirements


The BAIS requires 18 hours of course work (or equivalency exam) in a foreign language relevant to the student’s chosen concentration. Languages available to students with an Asian Studies concentration include Chinese and Japanese in the Foreign Languages Department.

Course Distribution

The BAIS requires 24 hours of course work in the student’s chosen concentration. 3 hours of that course work must include IS 4998 (International Studies Internship). 12 hours must be taken in courses that are 2000-level or above. In addition, the concentration of 24 hours plus the 7 hours of electives must include 15 hours of course work in the social sciences.

Suggested Courses

The Asian Studies concentration includes the courses listed below. In addition to the courses noted below, specific classes may be added at the discretion of the Director of the BAIS program.

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Please check WebStar for the up-to-date list of courses. Access WebStar


  • English 2374 Asian Literature
  • English 2375 Asian American Literature
  • Philosophy 2701 Religions of the East

Social Sciences

  • Anthropology 3370 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific
  • History 2201 History of Asian Civilizations
  • History 2202 Modern Asian History
  • History 2251 The Islamic World
  • History 3225 The War in Vietnam
  • History 4201 History of Modern China
  • History 4221 Modern Southeast Asia
  • History 4231 Modern India
  • History 4255 Political Islam
  • History 4301 The Ancient Near East
  • History 4991 Special Topics in Asian History
  • Political Science 4710 Politics of the Developing Areas