Africana Studies

africa-maskAfricana Studies at UNO are administered by the BA in International Studies Program in the College of Liberal Arts. The program offers a host of literature, history, and social science courses intended to acquaint the student with current and historical knowledge of the black experience in Africa, the Americas, and other parts of the world, drawing from courses in the College of Liberal Arts as well as approved courses offered by the other colleges. 

Students in the BAIS program may choose a concentration in Africana Studies or add the interdisciplinary minor in Africana Studies to their curriculum.

Concentration in Africana Studies

Students in the International Studies program may choose a in concentration of Africana Studies to their curriculum. This concentration seeks to foster a critical understanding of the histories, cultures, societies, and politics of Africa and the wider African diaspora. International Studies students will be prepared for graduate study or careers in a number of areas, including law, business, education, journalism, the public sector, and the arts.

Concentration Requirements | Suggested Courses

Interdisciplinary Minor in Africana Studies

The BAIS Program in the College of Liberal Arts administers the minor in Africana Studies. The minor signifies that students have a basic and general understanding of this part of the world. Interested students should contact the Director of the BAIS Program for more information.

Requirements for Minor