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Africana Studies Concentration Requirements

Language Requirement

Students in the BAIS program are required to take at least 18 hours of course work (or to pass equivalency exams) in a foreign language relevant to her or his chosen concentration. The Department of Foreign Languages offer European languages that are currently widely spoken in Africa and the diaspora, such as French and Spanish.

Course Distribution

All students in the BAIS program (except those in the International Business Track) are required to take IS 4998 (International Studies Internship). In addition, students with a concentration in Africana Studies must take 21 hours of courses. Twelve of these hours must be in the 2000-level or above. In addition, the student must complete at least 15 hours of coursework in the social sciences, though not all of these hours need to be completed within the concentration itself.

Students may only take up to 12 of the 21 credits in a single discipline. Of the 21 credit hours in the concentration, 9 hours must come from the subconcentration on Africa (designated by [A]) and 6 hours from the subconcentration on the diaspora (designated by [D]). Any course in the listed may be used to fulfill the remaining 6 credit hours.

Students are required to take either HIST 2701 or 2702 (they may take both) and either HIST 3551, 3552, or 4406 (they may take more than one).

Among the many courses available to students minoring in Africana Studies are African American Literature; Studies in Black Literature; Introduction to African American History; Folklore, Ethnicity and Contemporary Society; African Art; African Politics; Black Women and Violence; Issues in Black Politics; Minority Peoples in America; Introduction to Women's Literature; Black Political Thought; African History 1830-present; and African History to 1830.

Courses on Africana Studies in the concentration or any major that are counted as credit hours for that concentration or major may not be also counted toward this minor.